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Train a Child

This topic may have some disagreeing with me but that is okay. I feel as thought many people are outraged by the amount of school shootings that take place, as am I. My question is, when did this shift happen?

Growing up and going to school, my generation was allowed to just be kids. We were not afraid of going to school and being stabbed or shot at. We also stood every morning and said the pledge of allegiance and had prayer. In elementary, we lined up at the door to the classroom and said the blessing before walking to the cafeteria for lunch.

Today, we have no prayer or pledge in schools because it “offends” a certain group of people. We took God out of schools and expect calm and peace. This country was founded on Christian principles. If those who come from here from other countries want o change our country then why did they really come? No other country has changed their structure and foundation to accommodate other country’s citizens who have moved there. I am all for people legally coming to America for a better life but with that comes American values that never should have been compromised. Americans have given in and given up God in schools and family at the core and now we have a major epidemic of school shootings, bullying, and other social tragedies.

The Bible gives us plain instructions in Proverbs 22:6, ” Train up a child on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.”

How are we training our children? We’ve taken prayer from school and introduced violence. I for one believe God should be put back where He belongs.


Be The Light

You know when people say “if life give you lemons, make lemonade”, does that just make you want to glare or say something ugly to them? It does me ; well at least most the time it does.

I have been thinking long and intently on the above. I have spent so much time being mad at others for trying to make sunny out of my sad. I put myself in this place so please let me wallow here a bit. Sound pretty familiar, right?

I spoke with a man this morning, who for all practical purposes should be sad and wallowing in self pity. Instead he inspired me. He recently lost his wife, has had major issues at his home, and he was laughing and making jokes. He was showing me what true value in life looks like. He was still making someone else smile and feel good. If that were me in  his shoes, you better believe I would still be in my “I’m sad let me wallow” stage.

So my take away from this conversation is that no matter the circumstance, be the light; be a conduit for others to see what moving forward in faith looks like. We do not need or have all the answers BUT I serve a God bigger than me and He knows. That alone should be enough!

One of my new favorite verses.


15 Day IdealFit Challenge

I have spoken several times about my weight loss and being a very picky eater. I ran across this weight loss challenge that actually gives you meals to try and substitutions if you do not like certain items..Finally!! I am hoping it will help me to learn how to eat a few new veggies or fruits (both would be great). Since I am trying to rid of those last stubborn pounds but I am S T U C K. Have you ever been there?

I hope this 15 days will jump start a new beginning to helping get over the hump of losing this weight. Keep watching for more food prep and also how this plan works (or does not) for me.

Click Here to see my food prep video.





Countertop Makeover

Video how to:  click here

I wanted to update my countertops without spending a ton of money. I love the way they turned out. The video link is included and I hope you get some inspiration.

I think my next project will be faux concrete countertops in my bathroom. I am still working up the nerve to try that one.

Let me know what you think of the countertops and if you have any questions.


Click picture to find product.




Do Your Own Thing

I wrote earlier about starting the Keto diet. I started the keto way of eating and realized that for a picky eater, this is not an easy task. I am not the healthiest of eaters and have a real dislike for most fruits (except apples) and most all vegetables. The keto diet requires more vegetables grown above ground and not in ground like potatoes. My favorites are breads, pastas, rice, and of course potatoes. You can see this diet or lifestyle of eating was so hard for me. I think I ate breakfast at almost every meal for 3 weeks. All that and I lost a big 2 pounds.

I was very discouraged and took a few weeks off and tried to regroup from the whole eating dilemma. I started going more regularly to the gym and started using my diet app on my phone once again. The biggest change is now I drink no less than 60 ounces of water a day. I am counting my calories which is a pain for most people. I  have learned to trust my body and know what works for me and what doesn’t.

Do not give up because you are not fitting into the new fad of societal diets. Find your own way and do your own thing. If you want to lose weight, tone muscle, or just feel better, you can only do it when you are committed to it and make the decision you want it.

Psalm 139:14 “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful,  I know that full well.”

top 5

Top 5

Sunday’s sermon at church has been stuck in my head non-stop since I left the building. Our pastor talked about John Maxwell and referred to a portion from his book “Intentional Living”.  The message was about finding 5 things you are passionate about and do them every single day.

Insert from sermon: Whatever season you are in right now, it won’t change until you take action and change a little. Commit to doing a handful (5) of things every single day that are, or need to be important to you. #Live2018InFocus

Great advice from Pastor Tom. BUT yes, there is my but to this…I cannot find the 5 things I am passionate about. 3 ok-I got that but 5. It concerns me that after ending last year on a high note from where it started, I am stuck at 3 things I want to focus on.  Here is my confession or commitment, I will focus on those 3 things daily and seek God for what those other passions should be. Learning to be open and listening to His will for my life will no doubt adjust my focus into a clear vision for those top 5 priorities.

Disclosure…these top 5 are not the usual order of significance of how you should put importance on people in your life. That order should still be God, spouse, kids, family/friends, everyone else. Put God first and the rest will line itself up.

Here is to living life on purpose.



New Outlook on a Fast

January always brings around the “new” for so many. Although our lives continue from day to day, there is something about changing to a new year as though it gives you a new beginning- a fresh start to get your life together.

Every year we do a fresh re-start at church as well. We start the new year with a 21 day fast. This year, I wanted to know more about fasting and the spiritual effects it has on our lives so I did some research.

By far the best reason I found in my study was for spiritual strength and discipline. Even Jesus went to the wilderness fasting for 40days to be tempted by the devil. The purpose is not to “get over” on God or use the time to get something you want from God. As fast is a time for you to dedicate yourself to God and put the ways of the world aside learning to be more dependent on God’s will for your life.

Fasting is not always giving up food. It may mean you give up TV an hour a day to read and study in your Bible or spend that hour listening to worship music; you give up something to devote that time to God.

This year, I will go into the new year fasting the 21 days with a new found respect to why I should fast. I will also try to hear more what God has in store for the direction of my life.

James 4:8 “Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you.”

Go make the positive change you want to see in the world.

watch with wings

2017 to 2018

Wow 2018, where did 2017 go so fast?

Most people have spent the last few days reflecting the past year and setting goals for the new year. My  husband and I were no different. As we traveled home from a New Year’s Eve get a way, we discussed our past year. I will not lie and say it was all roses, because we really struggled. Our year started with what could have been the end to our marriage; yet by year end, we were happier and stronger than ever. Our finances also took some major hits yet we pulled together and with lots of prayer and work, we managed to stay on top of that as well.

I usually pick a word at the beginning of the year and focus my goals around that for the year. Looking at 2017, things started so bad that I never chose that word so in reflection it was “growth”. Growth in my marriage, growth in my faith, and yes even some growth in my finances.

I have not set goals for 2018 and decided not to. Instead, my daily focus will change. I plan to dig deeper into my Bible, work on the book I started writing (hopefully finish it), work on getting healthier, and keep a list of my on-going plans to see how many I accomplish in the year.

Here’s to making every day of 2018 count!

Happy New Year.


Keto Recipes Tried

Well, it has been 5 days now since I started this crazy diet. I am a picky eater so it is difficult to find those food items that I will actually eat. I found a few recipes and thought I would try them out. One was good the other, well not so much.

First,  I tried a recipe for a KeDough Pizza. It was made with whey protein powder and several cheeses for the dough. I mean this had the absolute best smell ever. I was so excited to try this. I took my first bite and it was not horrible. I thought “okay this is doable”. I took my second bite and begin to doubt my first thought. I ate about 4 bites and that was it. I could not put another bite in my mouth. (I know that’s awful.) I took the cheese and pepperoni from the top and ate it.

Secondly, I found a cracker recipe. Click here for this recipe . I feel in love with these crackers. It reminded me of a breakfast items we used to eat when I was younger called a polish mistake. The recipe calls for adding your own spice so I choose to use crushed red peppers to make them a little spicy. These I will definitely make again.

I decided that I am going to try to make the pizza again but instead of using the whey protein powder, I will substitute the almond flour and see if that is any better.

Good news is, I am down 3 pounds and it is getting easier.

I will continue to update my journey and share more triumphs and failures on recipe trials.

Much love,



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