New Outlook on a Fast

January always brings around the “new” for so many. Although our lives continue from day to day, there is something about changing to a new year as though it gives you a new beginning- a fresh start to get your life together.

Every year we do a fresh re-start at church as well. We start the new year with a 21 day fast. This year, I wanted to know more about fasting and the spiritual effects it has on our lives so I did some research.

By far the best reason I found in my study was for spiritual strength and discipline. Even Jesus went to the wilderness fasting for 40days to be tempted by the devil. The purpose is not to “get over” on God or use the time to get something you want from God. As fast is a time for you to dedicate yourself to God and put the ways of the world aside learning to be more dependent on God’s will for your life.

Fasting is not always giving up food. It may mean you give up TV an hour a day to read and study in your Bible or spend that hour listening to worship music; you give up something to devote that time to God.

This year, I will go into the new year fasting the 21 days with a new found respect to why I should fast. I will also try to hear more what God has in store for the direction of my life.

James 4:8 “Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you.”

Go make the positive change you want to see in the world.

watch with wings

2017 to 2018

Wow 2018, where did 2017 go so fast?

Most people have spent the last few days reflecting the past year and setting goals for the new year. My  husband and I were no different. As we traveled home from a New Year’s Eve get a way, we discussed our past year. I will not lie and say it was all roses, because we really struggled. Our year started with what could have been the end to our marriage; yet by year end, we were happier and stronger than ever. Our finances also took some major hits yet we pulled together and with lots of prayer and work, we managed to stay on top of that as well.

I usually pick a word at the beginning of the year and focus my goals around that for the year. Looking at 2017, things started so bad that I never chose that word so in reflection it was “growth”. Growth in my marriage, growth in my faith, and yes even some growth in my finances.

I have not set goals for 2018 and decided not to. Instead, my daily focus will change. I plan to dig deeper into my Bible, work on the book I started writing (hopefully finish it), work on getting healthier, and keep a list of my on-going plans to see how many I accomplish in the year.

Here’s to making every day of 2018 count!

Happy New Year.

Dream Big

Dreaming and Following

Dreaming and Following. Those two words are so closely related but separated by so much, usually our own thoughts or perceptions. Here’s my reasoning for that statement.

Several years back, I was struggling to make a decision about the path my life should take. Being a Christian in a church which is big on praying with Elders, I went down to be prayed over. It wasn’t the immediate life changing prayer but something did happen. While I was at the alter, another Elder came to me and said he had received a word for me. He told me that I would be writing, he saw my future and writing was involved. I blew that off knowing I was in school and every week I was writing a paper. I just thought that the writing was part of what I needed in order to graduate.

Now, fast forward. I went through a very hard divorce and in counseling was told to journal. Write down what I was feeling, keep up with my life on paper. Writing…again, there was that word. So I did keep that journal for months and stopped. But here I am, after several years, a challenge by my son writing and telling my story. .

My story doesn’t end there. I felt a calling to write a book…so stay tuned. It’s in progress. Writing, that one word that I dismissed was somehow tied to a future I did not know was coming. Keep listening, keep dreaming. This blog is a way of writing so never stop and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.

Much love




Success defined by most people today are by the “things” they can show others- cars, big house, boat, jewelry, etc. What has this done to society? In my opinion,  it has made the younger generations feel pressured to immediately begin the debt process.-one which many find they can not climb out of and end up in bankruptcy.

My definition of success is a bit different. Now I am not saying I do not want nice things, but my priorities are a bit shifted from where they once were. Success is knowing you have give 100% to the things or people in your life. Success is inner strength to set goals and accomplish them big or small.

In 2015, I started a challenge to daily set goals and make changes in my life. As I am going back to read my notes, I realized that many of those were met and the ones that I did not meet, were the ones I did not write down daily on my goal list. They just faded away.

So some of the steps I learned through this process:

  •      Daily write down your top 5 goals.
  •     Work each day toward reaching that goal, even if it is only a baby step.
  •     Look at your goals throughout the day to remind yourself what you are working to achieve.

The goals that constantly make your list day after day are the goals that seem to get your most attention and make the finished or completed list.

That is Success! Sharpen your pencils and get started!

Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success.

                                                                                                                                                         Shiv Khera





Sunday fun



The Five P’s

Several years back probably at least 16 years back, I attended a ladies bible study that met once a week. I really enjoyed the closeness that was generated with this group. I cannot remember everyone who attended but I still remember the feeling of having people you could share with that did not judge your thoughts and feelings.

Fast forward many years to 3 years ago. I found the email address to the lady who held this class in her home. I wanted to know the formula for the prayer journal that we used during this class. It was the 5 P’s. What I enjoy most about this formula is the thought process that you put in when using it.

I started a new book recently (which I really love) A Woman Who Doesn’t Quit.  This has been a great read, with loads of information to really reflect upon. The first thing I thought of was the Five Ps to journal this new book. Okay, so are you wondering what these Five Ps look like?

  1. Personal Thoughts: this is anything on your mind, struggles, happy thoughts, anything that is going on for you.
  2. Power: This comes from your Bible reading. Write down the verse(s) you read for the day. Ex: Ruth 2:1-12.
  3. Purpose: What did you learn that will apply to your life? Write down how you felt it spoke to you.
  4. Prayer List: anyone or anything that you need to pray for. You can write out your prayer if that will help you focus better.
  5. Plan: write out a small (or long) list of items that need to get your attention for the day (or if you do your study at night like me, it would be for the next day).


That is the list of Five Ps which can help enhance your personal study time and put your thoughts altogether, bible study and organization at once.

I hope this has helped at least one person. It is a journal method I intend to continue to use with even daily reading.







Which Project Next??

Hi Everyone! It’s been several days (maybe even weeks) since I posted a blog about anything. I do have several quotes that I will be posting but I wanted to check in and maybe just give an update to life. This post requires some feedback and I am hoping that my friends and family will help out and especially followers.

I have several projects that I have started and well…I have procrastinated and stopped working on any of them. Now is the time I NEED to pick one back up and get moving. This is where I need your input. I am going to tell you the top 3 projects and you tell me which you think I should finish and why. So here goes.

Most of you know that I worked in banking for a while and have started a website (not yet published) for making budgets, saving while budgeting, and paying off debt. That is my first option. Finish the website and get it up and running.

Secondly, I started writing a book. I work on it from time to time but no one knows about it, well until now. I usually do well writing things down and I figured why not. I have enough past mistakes and garbage to be pretty creative with a novel.

I started an in home business with MONAT (anti-aging hair care). I have been working on video clips, before and after photos, and tips but have not posted them.

Okay so there you have my top 3 in the works projects to add to Mudpies and Lemonade. I am waiting on your feedback.

Thank you in advance. Much Love



Crushed Spirit

Being one of those people who wears your feelings on your sleeve is probably the worst. That is me. I wear all my feelings right there…sitting on my shoulder. I take things personal and I try hard to please the people in my life, especially the family members in my life. I feel that I have spent so many years trying to measure up to my siblings. I always wanted my parents approval and to be loved for just being me. It’s hard to realize that you will never measure up or be “the right way” to be approved for being you.

I was asked if I am ever happy. Hard question. I mean spending so much time being that person to try and please everyone else is very hard work. You spend so much time doing for everyone that you loose yourself somewhere along the way. That happened…I lost myself. I have worked to have a good job, a nice house, and a marriage that is growing daily. Having those things does not always mean you know yourself or where you fit. Being lost in life is a mouthful to swallow, and when your family is where you got lost, it crushes the spirit you built.

What’s next? Try to move forward, try to go through the next day, next week and put some life pieces back together while changing the desire to be the people pleaser. I guess moving forward now means that I have to stop trying to get approval from my family and just be myself- faults and all. It’s time to love life again, to smile and feel good about that too.

Family is hard, probably the hardest. You want the most and get the least. Be okay with that. Be okay with just being you.

Fog of war

Fog of War

Not every day is a day to write about. Most days, life is just that…life. We get so bogged down in daily routine that we forget that there are things happening around us all the time in someone else’s life. I’ve shared before that my husband and I are in a group to help strengthen and grow your marriage. This week in our group time, the lesson was on “Myths and Lies about Marriage”. The part on marriage is not what I was focused on. I was more focused on the words the speaker gave about “faking it until you make it”. The point is that love is an action, not a verb to describe something. You have to act out love in any relationship in order for it to take hold.

My thoughts began to wander to those who are like me and also suffer from depression. I kept thinking that suffering depression and the resulting coping mechanism seem to operate the same way. When I focus on someone else, and helping with anything other than my problem or worry, I am acting on the “fake it till you make it” and I look up to find I have made it out of that season. It does not work instantly in most cases, and the hurt is not instantly gone. It is so comforting to think that as I walk daily just trying to “make it”, I can ACT out kindness, mercy, and grace to others, and my problems seem to be much smaller.

The term used was “Fog of War”, which means the uncertainty in situational awareness experiences. It describes your own uncertainty in your own capabilities during times of adversity and how you handle those situations. So for those of us with depression, the “fog of war” is hard to prepare for but it is possible.  Knowing the situation is coming because we understand that we have depression can prepare us for times when we do not feel like doing good, but knowing it is coming and being prepared to “fake it till we make” can be the life-saving move to keep us going.

Let go

Seasons past

Life does not always take us down a road we thought we would travel. Our roads often have bumps and curves with dark edges. This road is not the pretty picture of green grasses, flowers blooming, and straight paths that we imagine. Yet, in the bumpy-curvy road, we often find the best when we thought we were headed for the worst.

Often times, we also find this is true with people in our lives. I went through a season where I felt as though I was on top of the world. I had a good marriage, great friends, and living to the fullest. Then it happened. I found out my husband cheated and then went through some of the worst depression imaginable. My best friend was initially there for me but quickly gave up on our friendship and on me when I was not her happy friend anymore. I was spiraling out of control and needed someone there to stand by my side, no matter what. I knew that I had faults and should have tried harder to show my appreciation for this best friend and her new found relationship, but I could not. I was barely functioning, and being happy or being around happiness was difficult. It was at that point that my so-called best friend shut the door on me and our friendship.

That season taught me a great deal about people. I learned that the only people you can count on 100% are yourself and God. I had to find my relationship with God to find my true happiness. I admit that I am still struggling and have a hard time trusting anyone with anything. I have to constantly turn my fears, concerns, trust, and problems over to God to handle. The stress of life can weigh you down if you do not constantly make the choice to give it over to God and keep moving forward.

Do not give up…keep moving forward. You will look back, see the seasons past, and realize how you needed disappointments to bring about your current happiness and to the future greatness God has for you!