train up

Move Mountains

train up


thank you

Thank you

Never give up on wanting to better yourself, no matter who is in your life.

Rainbow and rain

Rainbows and Rain

Remember the rainbows at the end of the rain; they are good times after you walk a road of struggle. God’s reminder that He walks us through struggles to get to new places.



Sometimes silence is golden.


Grandfather’s Memory

Yesterday was my Grandfather’s birthday. We lost him a few years back. At his funeral, my brother read this passage out of his Bible. I knew that I wanted this passage added to my favorites. I miss  him daily!




Unpack the baggage

I love this quote. After being married several times, it reminds me that I have to work on my own baggage and need someone who is willing to love me through the past mistakes and hurt feelings I still carry. There are days when the past sneaks up and your mood just weighs you down. Having a support system to help you “unpack” is better than material possessions.

Ex 14 14

Exodus 14:14

After returning from a Ladies Night Bible study, I was telling my husband about a Bible verse that stood out to me. As soon as I mentioned Exodus 14:14, he recited it. He had been reading his Bible and had just finished reading this verse. Sometimes God shows up in even small ways to remind us that indeed He is “fighting for us”.