Diet not A Diet

I decided that I would share my next week with everyone because it holds me accountable for making the changes that I plan to make.   I am a very picky eater, and picky eaters have a hard time choosing the correct fruits and vegetables needed to sustain the proper portion of a good nutritional eating plan. It seems that with this I have found it hard to sustain a comfortable weight that makes me feel good about myself. So today, I start the keto diet. I will be honest that this may or may not be the change that I am looking for but for the next 10 days (10 days because I promised a friend I would do it that long), I will do my very best to keep to the meal plan that was laid out for me.

My struggle with actually telling about the diet (not a diet but lifestyle change) is that many people believe you just try this diet and after 2 or 3 days think “well it didn’t work, so I’m on to something else”. I am not looking for a yo-yo diet. I am looking to make healthy changes in my eating. I read about the changing of taste buds, and the most common number is every 7 years. But according to a scientific study I read, taste buds die off after about a two-week period and become new again. My goal — starting now — is to try more fruits and vegetables and develop a new flavor palette!

I’ll post daily how well it is going, so day 1…. here we go.

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