Dreaming and Following

Dreaming and Following. Those two words are so closely related but separated by so much, usually our own thoughts or perceptions. Here’s my reasoning for that statement.

Several years back, I was struggling to make a decision about the path my life should take. Being a Christian in a church which is big on praying with Elders, I went down to be prayed over. It wasn’t the immediate life changing prayer but something did happen. While I was at the alter, another Elder came to me and said he had received a word for me. He told me that I would be writing, he saw my future and writing was involved. I blew that off knowing I was in school and every week I was writing a paper. I just thought that the writing was part of what I needed in order to graduate.

Now, fast forward. I went through a very hard divorce and in counseling was told to journal. Write down what I was feeling, keep up with my life on paper. Writing…again, there was that word. So I did keep that journal for months and stopped. But here I am, after several years, a challenge by my son writing and telling my story. .

My story doesn’t end there. I felt a calling to write a book…so stay tuned. It’s in progress. Writing, that one word that I dismissed was somehow tied to a future I did not know was coming. Keep listening, keep dreaming. This blog is a way of writing so never stop and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.

Much love


One thought on “Dreaming and Following

  1. This is absolutely beautiful… I’m happy for you for finding this outlet. Writing has been something I always wanted to do but never had the confidence before. God is so good. He gives us what we need right when we need it… even though we don’t know it at the time.

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