Epoxy Flooring

Here is the post I promised I would write about the epoxy floors.

Being on a budget, we needed a way to update the floors that were not only easy upkeep but also inexpensive. While surfing the internet and youtube, we came across new designing in floors using epoxy. I spent a couple of hours on several occasions watching videos on how this works. We decided we really wanted to try.

  1. First you will paint the floors with a black primer for concrete floors. Commonly used for garages.
  2. Read all the directions on the box of epoxy. Depending on which type you choose, the directions may be different. We have used different types and there are different mixing methods.
  3. Use plastic bags around your shoes. The epoxy gets sticky and will ruin your shoes.
  4. First go around baseboards with a roller. No matter which method you use, you want to give yourself room and make sure that you have gotten the corners and edges well.
  5.  Our first room we used a plastic squeegee, pouring the epoxy in puddles and moving the epoxy around the floor evenly. The epoxy was mixed with a paint stain and put directly onto the floor.
  6. The second room, we painted the floor.  So we when used the epoxy top cover, we used a roller to apply to the floor evenly. The trick is to also make sure you have a thick enough layer so as it dries it smooths out evenly.
  7. The last part is the hardest. Stay off of the floor for 48 hours (or the hours given in the directions, again it can differ).

We absolutely love our floors. We continue to use this method as we work to update our entire home. The picture shown is of our living room. That update is coming soon.

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