Forgiveness Not Prison

When I said I would live my life out loud for everyone to see, well read, I was not expecting to feel so guilty about my feelings.

An issue in my life has had me very angry. Anger — not an easy emotion to get past. Just when you think you have a grip on the anger, something triggers a memory to that very issue or betrayal that caused the pain.

As a woman, I know that we hold onto more past issues, bringing up those issues or wrongdoings to our spouse over and again. What does that have to do with forgiveness? EVERYTHING!

Forgiveness should be real and heartfelt. It doesn’t always mean we forget, but it does mean we let it go. It is a choice to move forward with life. Forgiving is also not about the other person. It does not matter if you are asking for forgiveness or being asked to forgive someone, the choice is yours to make…a choice that will allow healing in your own life. Hanging on to the hurt only causes oneself more pain.

Do not put yourself in a prison from life by holding on to a mistake or hurtful situation, learn to move forward. No one expects you to forget the offense, but choose to love anyway. Take away the chains that are binding you from moving forward and just forgive. Somedays it takes more strength than you think you have to let it go, but you and your happiness are far more valuable than any one thing life can throw at you.

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