In the Name

I touched on my blog name a little in my bio, but I wanted to spend a little time and explain where the name came from.

When I was young, I lived in the country and my dad farmed. I remember the tractors, barns, and having lots of animals. One day after it had rained, I wanted to make mudpies but of course you need a place to bake. I put my mudpie on the step to my dad’s tractor. The little slot was a perfect oven. I do not think my dad thought so, and I was in trouble.

Later as I got older and we moved to town, my mom and I spent many summer days having lunch outside by the pool at our picnic table. Our favorite meal was hotdogs and lemonade. I remember that was a fun time that made me happy.

My blog mudpies and lemonade comes from the troubles or mess of the mudpies and the sweet happy memories with the lemonade; a lot like life, a little messy at times, but also sprinkled with happy and sweet memories.

One thought on “In the Name

  1. Mary Blood says:

    I love it! I, too, have memories of mudpies and lemonade. The mudpies were meticulously made and baked beside the mud puddles in our driveway. Of course, there was as much mud on me as there was in the pies. The first memory of lemonade came during a visit to a preacher who lived near Natchez, MS. His kind neighbor lady invited my sister and me onto her sun porch and served us iced lemonade. I was about five or six years old, and it was a moment of “high style.” That memory has lived and been cherished for almost 65 years. Thanks for jogging those memories, Vivian! I can definitely relate.

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