Journey of Life

I was asked to make some changes; not the same New Year’s Resolutions, but life changes or goal setting.  I worked on my list for several days trying to get that list just perfect and set up to look perfect. The realization hit me that it will never be a perfect list. Just like society has tried to portray to us with the “perfect” bodies, hair, makeup, and glamorous life, there is no such thing. Hollywood is full of divorces, who is now with whom, and what new “image” we have to accept today. So you see, even those with tons of money cannot stay happy 100% of the time. So why try, you may ask. This blog will be my version.  My words will be full of real life issues and problems. I will confess my faults and try to see the truth in what life is like without all the sugar coatings.  Let’s do this journey together. My first goal is to organize my life, or at least my schedule.

Pictured is my day planner of choice.

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