Living in Chaos

My husband and I did it! Yes, we bought a house in total need of TLC. While the house has great structure and a solid foundation, the inside resembles That 70’s Show or maybe even has a little 60’s Asian flare.

The large flower wall paper, the red shag carpet, and even the pink tub are all in our new home. We have many changes and updates in store; but with our strict budget, we will be using our creative skills to save money and make our house a HOME.

Our daughter’s room will be the first transformation. We are tearing out carpet, painting trim and walls and doing research on ways to make the floors durable again sticking to that tight budget.

I am pleased with the outcome.



We researched using epoxy and decided to try this technique. The floors are prepped with black concrete paint then painted gray.  The floor is dry and continues to have a glass shine.

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