New Venture

I have not been here in a couple of weeks to write a new post. I have felt a sense of dread and anxiety every time I thought about putting more of my life issues out there for the world to see.  You see, our household took a financial hit, as one of our much-needed incomes is no longer there. The strain that financial issues can cause in a relationship is sometimes not only detrimental to your mental state, but also can be to your physical one. I am so grateful that the relationship between my husband and I has not taken a hit but that it is only a physical and emotional hit that has taken place.

I have read articles on the effects of stress on the body. I wanted to make sure that the pains and feelings I am having are not effects of something worse. I am amazed at the many side effects that stress can actually cause a person. Some of these include chest pains, dizzy spells, headaches, low energy and even colds or infections. I have been through most of these since this began. So instead of staying still and waiting for more negative to arrive, I stepped out and started a new venture to help offset some financial stress.

My new business is MONAT. It is an anti-aging hair care system that is absolutely out of this world. I love the way my hair looks and feels. If I am going to be stressed and have other health issues, at least my hair will look good in the process. You can check it out here:

If you are like me and stressed and need ways to keep yourself moving forward, find something…anything… that makes you feel good about yourself. Just keep moving. Build new relationships and try to find good in everything.





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