Seasons past

Life does not always take us down a road we thought we would travel. Our roads often have bumps and curves with dark edges. This road is not the pretty picture of green grasses, flowers blooming, and straight paths that we imagine. Yet, in the bumpy-curvy road, we often find the best when we thought we were headed for the worst.

Often times, we also find this is true with people in our lives. I went through a season where I felt as though I was on top of the world. I had a good marriage, great friends, and living to the fullest. Then it happened. I found out my husband cheated and then went through some of the worst depression imaginable. My best friend was initially there for me but quickly gave up on our friendship and on me when I was not her happy friend anymore. I was spiraling out of control and needed someone there to stand by my side, no matter what. I knew that I had faults and should have tried harder to show my appreciation for this best friend and her new found relationship, but I could not. I was barely functioning, and being happy or being around happiness was difficult. It was at that point that my so-called best friend shut the door on me and our friendship.

That season taught me a great deal about people. I learned that the only people you can count on 100% are yourself and God. I had to find my relationship with God to find my true happiness. I admit that I am still struggling and have a hard time trusting anyone with anything. I have to constantly turn my fears, concerns, trust, and problems over to God to handle. The stress of life can weigh you down if you do not constantly make the choice to give it over to God and keep moving forward.

Do not give up…keep moving forward. You will look back, see the seasons past, and realize how you needed disappointments to bring about your current happiness and to the future greatness God has for you!

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