The Five P’s

Several years back probably at least 16 years back, I attended a ladies bible study that met once a week. I really enjoyed the closeness that was generated with this group. I cannot remember everyone who attended but I still remember the feeling of having people you could share with that did not judge your thoughts and feelings.

Fast forward many years to 3 years ago. I found the email address to the lady who held this class in her home. I wanted to know the formula for the prayer journal that we used during this class. It was the 5 P’s. What I enjoy most about this formula is the thought process that you put in when using it.

I started a new book recently (which I really love) A Woman Who Doesn’t Quit.  This has been a great read, with loads of information to really reflect upon. The first thing I thought of was the Five Ps to journal this new book. Okay, so are you wondering what these Five Ps look like?

  1. Personal Thoughts: this is anything on your mind, struggles, happy thoughts, anything that is going on for you.
  2. Power: This comes from your Bible reading. Write down the verse(s) you read for the day. Ex: Ruth 2:1-12.
  3. Purpose: What did you learn that will apply to your life? Write down how you felt it spoke to you.
  4. Prayer List: anyone or anything that you need to pray for. You can write out your prayer if that will help you focus better.
  5. Plan: write out a small (or long) list of items that need to get your attention for the day (or if you do your study at night like me, it would be for the next day).


That is the list of Five Ps which can help enhance your personal study time and put your thoughts altogether, bible study and organization at once.

I hope this has helped at least one person. It is a journal method I intend to continue to use with even daily reading.






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