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Sunday’s sermon at church has been stuck in my head non-stop since I left the building. Our pastor talked about John Maxwell and referred to a portion from his book “Intentional Living”.  The message was about finding 5 things you are passionate about and do them every single day.

Insert from sermon: Whatever season you are in right now, it won’t change until you take action and change a little. Commit to doing a handful (5) of things every single day that are, or need to be important to you. #Live2018InFocus

Great advice from Pastor Tom. BUT yes, there is my but to this…I cannot find the 5 things I am passionate about. 3 ok-I got that but 5. It concerns me that after ending last year on a high note from where it started, I am stuck at 3 things I want to focus on.  Here is my confession or commitment, I will focus on those 3 things daily and seek God for what those other passions should be. Learning to be open and listening to His will for my life will no doubt adjust my focus into a clear vision for those top 5 priorities.

Disclosure…these top 5 are not the usual order of significance of how you should put importance on people in your life. That order should still be God, spouse, kids, family/friends, everyone else. Put God first and the rest will line itself up.

Here is to living life on purpose.


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