Which Project Next??

Hi Everyone! It’s been several days (maybe even weeks) since I posted a blog about anything. I do have several quotes that I will be posting but I wanted to check in and maybe just give an update to life. This post requires some feedback and I am hoping that my friends and family will help out and especially followers.

I have several projects that I have started and well…I have procrastinated and stopped working on any of them. Now is the time I NEED to pick one back up and get moving. This is where I need your input. I am going to tell you the top 3 projects and you tell me which you think I should finish and why. So here goes.

Most of you know that I worked in banking for a while and have started a website (not yet published) for making budgets, saving while budgeting, and paying off debt. That is my first option. Finish the website and get it up and running.

Secondly, I started writing a book. I work on it from time to time but no one knows about it, well until now. I usually do well writing things down and I figured why not. I have enough past mistakes and garbage to be pretty creative with a novel.

I started an in home business with MONAT (anti-aging hair care). I have been working on video clips, before and after photos, and tips but have not posted them.

Okay so there you have my top 3 in the works projects to add to Mudpies and Lemonade. I am waiting on your feedback.

Thank you in advance. Much Love


One thought on “Which Project Next??

  1. Renae says:

    Which one are you most passionate about? Are they all for extra income? If so, the quickest and easiest to make some! I’mJust practical minded

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